This Week in Costa Rica

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This Week in Costa Rica is a weekly, online radio program and podcast by US expat, Dan Stevens

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Our listeners are discerning, educated, investment-savvy professionals with disposable income, the spirit of adventure and the freedom to travel… even, relocate around the world.

They track global economies, on the lookout for emerging and performing investment opportunities – they evaluate infrastructures, amenities and security for travel destinations and residency – and they research medical communities for affordable, high quality medical care.

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Our ever-expanding panel of experts include many of the top authorities in the expat, finance and travel industries.  They provide critical information, answers and resources  on topics including; global asset protection, offshore banking and brokerage accounts, medical tourism, real estate opportunities, legal residency, second citizenship and more.

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What is the Overseas Radio Network?


Overseas Radio Network is an online radio network created for anyone interested in life abroad – from the expert traveler or investor, to students of life and liberty, from the would-be expat just waiting to take that next step, to those who have already embarked on their new life overseas. Our panel of experts includes many of the top authorities in the international living and expat industry. They cover topics such as global asset protection, offshore banking and brokerage accounts, medical tourism, real estate opportunities, legal residency, second citizenship, and expatriation.

Who is the audience?


Overseas Radio Network boasts a global audience of listeners who include (but are not limited to):  soon-to-be expatriates, global wealth and asset managers, global telecommuters, retirees, and foreign investors.  Overseas Radio is geared toward a specific market of listeners who tunes in to find information about managing their assets overseas, moving to a foreign country, medical tourism, or looking for a long-term vacation destination.

What is This Week in Costa Rica?


This Week in Costa Rica is a weekly, hour-long, program hosted by Dan Stevens.  This program covers a wide variety of expat matters in Costa Rica.  With live call-in questions, international guests, and entertaining hosts, this program offers an “on the ground” account of living and working as expatriates in Costa Rica. 

The show is recorded and available for free download indefinitely on the Overseas Radio Website and in Podcast form, anywhere, anytime.

This program is targeted specifically at listeners who are on the cusp of making the move to Costa Rica as retirees, expat workers, small business owners, or simply those with a taste for adventure and the financial means to live their dreams. 

Our dedicated listeners are an active, specific demographic of consumers who tune in to reinforce and finalize their imminent move by talking live with experienced experts and hearing success stories of expats that made the move.

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This Week in Costa Rica is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, expressed or implied.  This Week in Costa Rica is produced by Podfly Productions, LLC and broadcast with permission by the Overseas Radio Network.