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I truly felt like I was in way over my head the moment I entered Forum, Santa Ana for my first job interview in Costa Rica.  Having traveled a bit and taken a month to at least begin to wrap my head around my new surroundings, I nervously prepared for an interview with a multinational language company called inlingua.

Sporting my new tie and pants recently purchased at Hipermas (Walmart) and an exponentially dwindling sense of direction, I stumbled out of my house at 6am.  Though I had extensive business and teaching experience, I definitely would have slotted myself in the rookie column when it came to corporate English classes in such a setting.


  Almost as if I was shell-shocked from the tin roofs, dirt roads, and barbed-wire fences I’d become accustomed to, the Forum was a stark contrast in not only construction and aesthetic appeal, but the sense security and serenity.  Walking past the fountain along SIDEWALKS (not common here) I ogled the company names on brass placards, HP, Oracle, Earnst & Young, Chiquita Brands, on and on.  There betwixt a sea of fortune 500 companies was inlingua, Costa Rica.  I was truly intimidated, overwhelmed, and certain I’d be laughed out of the interview.  Quite the opposite occurred as I underwent a 30min grilling from the President and Academic Manager.  With poise and preparation I presented myself as a serious contender not only for a position, but a long-term employee of a growing organization.   With that, I was hired!  For a mere 10hrs/wk of guaranteed work at a rate of $7/hr I was now officially poor, underemployed, and happy as a pig in s&*%.  My first class would be the following Monday and it was one that set the tone for the next 5 years of my life.


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