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Having only been in Costa Rica for a few short weeks, my virgin trip to the coast was an unlikely one by tourist standards.  I went to a little sleepy Caribbean town on the East coast called Cahuita.  A few kilometers south of the port town, Limon, this location holds a special place in my heart to this day and remains one my favorite (secret) destinations in Costa Rica.  North of the ever-popular Puerto Viejo, this often-skipped little community hosts some of my favorite cuisine, a stunning national park, pristine beach and all the character you’d expect from a community inhabited (and technically owned) by 3rd generation Jamaican immigrants.  

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The 3-4hr bus ride over the mountains and through Braulio Carrillo National Park is feast for the senses unto itself.   When you depart the terminal in San Jose for the first time, you truly have no idea what wonders await on this, at times, treacherous bus ride.  You really get an immediate sense of how both tiny and vast this country is.  Jumping off at your destination and looking around unsure if you’ve really arrived is a puzzled expression I would adorn frequently in my journeys.  Letting the turquois blue bath-warm ocean wrap around you, eating $8 lobsters in spicy Creole sauce, sipping a seemingly bottomless daiquiri, with monkeys off all sorts throwing freshly eaten almond pits at you make you really stop and take stock of where on this big blue ball we sit.  I relished this day, for my next stop was my job interview…

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