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Only the most arrogant blogger would dare sit at a keyboard and begin to peck out a posting on the meaning of Easter in the middle of the holiest of holidays, while living as a foreigner in a Catholic country.  Hi!  My name is Corey.  Here we go. 

I have to admit that I’m of a chocolate bunny,PAAS egg kit, and plastic Easter hay-lined pastel basket background.    My family has never been particularly religious.  Though Anglican by default, I don’t actually recall going to church – ever.  I’m told I was baptized and I understand that is good.  However, it is only in adulthood and in personal explorations of my soul that I begin to appreciate the significance and sacrifice Jesus made, the meaning of the holiday, and its traditions.  Though I am a fan of Christ’s teachings and firmly believe that heaven would be here on earth now were we to all follow in his path, I’m not rock solid when it comes to acknowledging the resurrection.  However, faith is a journey and I’m certainly not one to rule things out.  What matters more to me at this juncture is what kind of man would be so sure in his convictions that he would opt to be tortured and crucified rather than take what would have been infinite opportunities to flee and live out a quiet life in the desert with a handful of devotees.  Jesus had it pretty good.  Nice following, firm grasp of the secrets of heaven, seemingly endless supply of seafood, and a set of suggestions for living that would make even the Buddha say, “hmmm”.  The cat was leading a pretty enviable life with some serious perspective. 

I went to the grocery store where I knew I couldn’t buy alcohol yesterday.  In Costa Rica the country goes “dry” during specific religious holidays or political elections.  Now, I do appreciate that I’m to give something up at this time.  Anyone who knows me well would say that I adore depriving myself of material things.  But when the government says that you can’t buy liquor on a week-long holiday where most just go and party on the beach anyways seems a bit out of touch.  Far be it for me to suggest that the government and church are not in synch with society.  Now that would be arrogant.  But wrapping beer coolers in black plastic and taping them off with yellow “municipalidad” stickers seems a bit much. Shouldn’t we be able to choose whether to drink or not?  Actually, to buy it or not is more to the point.

Look, I don’t have a point here, really.  What I am trying to grapple with is what Easter means to the residents of Costa Rica on the whole and how it may differ from my little basket of plastic hay and chocolate rabbits.  Stocking up on as much booze as can fit in your car and speeding off to Guanacaste for beach and BBQ just doesn’t seem very Eastery to me.  I’m not judging. I just feel less judged.  Remember the rabbit that clucked and laid cream eggs?  Ya.  That was cool. 


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