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I went to the beach last weekend and what happened is what always does.  I reach the ocean, smell the air, peel off my socks and shoes and say to whomever is in earshot, “why don’t I do this more often”?  Living in the Central Valley, though far enough away from the city to still be surrounded by nature, I tend to lose sight of the greater beauty and opportunities to be experienced here in Costa Rica.  Living in Canada, we would all look forward to those summer months when we could easily find an excuse to pack up the car and head to the beach, park, or campsite.  Where I’m from, the great lakes are rimmed with superb beaches.  I would spend endless summers having campfires on the shore of Lake Huron.  Friends and I would take a sea kayak miles out into the water.  The sound of the oars dipping into the water, the gentle bobbing over waves, and the stars painting they sky viewed by us that night and our ancestors thousands of nights ago were the stuff of deep contemplation and sparks of fiery conversations.  Something primal happens to many of us when we get close to water.

What I don’t do enough, and vow to this year, is get to the beach.  I will find my way to Jaco at least once per month.  Balance is something that must be sought when living and working in Costa Rica.  Too much beach time, golf, eating out can cause one to become lazy and out of touch.  Too much work and living on the grid can make one disconnect with the very reason one moved to Pura Vida in the first place.  As I do more work in a virtual office, start moving much of the company I work for toward web-based operations, and continue to freelance via the Internet, I see that the opportunity to perhaps relocate is nearly upon me.  Where logistics are not so much of an issue, lifestyle is.  In Costa Rica where you live can, in a sense, can define your lifestyle.  Living on the coast immediately means a change in temperature and humidity.  It’s hotter and more humid a sea level.  Currently, I live a few thousand feet up in the cool, quiet mountains surrounding Santa Ana.  But what’s more is the way it affects everything you do.  You can become lethargic in that heat.  You can be influenced by expats and retirees who do not need to do anything, so why should you?  Environment is but one of many factors.

Appreciating that this entry is a meandering piece that only reflects the conflicted thoughts I’m currently having, I will make the first step to go frequently.  My parents have a lakefront cottage.  They love to visit but would never choose to live there full time.  I’m sensing that may be true for me.  Perhaps I need only to rent a small shack on the coast and spend a few days a week there.  It’s often about balance.  The question it naturally leads to is: Should I buy a car to get to my shack?


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