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The Gift of Gods: Learning How To Make Chocolate in Costa Rica

We just came across a cool article by Dan and Casey, of A Cruising CoupleTwo lovebirds slowly, indefinitely traveling the world. We share practical travel tips, top-notch travel photography and inspiring travel tales to get YOU out exploring our world.

These guys are top notch bloggers and photographers, and recently wrote about learning how to make chocolate in Costa Rica.  


We have a secret. We’re kind of obsessed with chocolate.

Okay, we know—it’s not really a secret at all.

We make it a point to indulge in at least a little—or a lot of—chocolate everyday. If we are making a grocery list, we actually write chocolate down on it, like we could possibly forget to pick it up otherwise. And we always choose those desserts like “Death by Chocolate” or “Chocolate Lover’s Bliss”. (Come to think of it, I’m even sipping on a “Chocolate Dream Smoothie” right now.)

So when we strolled past a ‘learn how to make chocolate inside’ sign after our afternoon of horseback riding, we couldn’t resist the gravitational pull to find out more.

We were in for a sweet treat with Rainforest Chocolate Tours.

Less of a tour and more of a lesson, we learned how to make chocolate beneath an open-air pavilion, surrounded by cocoa plants, vanilla pods, palm trees, and the ubiquitous Arenal Volcano. But though we were physically present in this garden oasis, class would begin with a bit of time travel…all the way back to the days of the Mayans.

Photos and the complete article can be found here.

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