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Why Life Is Healthier in Costa Rica

Viva Tropical - The stunning nature, fertile land, and native superfoods make Costa Rica an easy place to become health conscious. Expats looking to lead a healthier lifestyle have been planting their roots in Costa Rica for years, making healthy living even more accessible for future transplants. Here is why life just seems to be healthier down in Costa Rica.

Indigenous Health Foods


Some of the healthiest foods in the world grow naturally in Costa Rica.

Young coconut is cheap, plentiful and full of nutrients. The fresh coconut water contains vitamins and minerals, is incredibly hydrating, and has shown significant anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-thrombotic effects.

The tree fruit noni grows wild and is praised for its immune boosting effects and cancer fighting properties. Concentrated fermented noni juice is available in most pharmacies, farmer’s markets, and in some healthy cafes.

Antioxidant rich cacao and coffee farming is a huge source of industry. Fresh, local coffee is sold everywhere as well as dark, pure chocolate made with raw cacao.

Healthier Outdoor Activities

With national parks, volcanoes, rivers, and miles and miles of beach, Costa Rica is an outdoor lover’s playground. Being fit and having fun could never be easier. Surfing is an extremely healthy form of exercise and is a huge part of the culture in Costa Rica. Calmer bodies of water allow for paddleboarding and kayaking. The many national parks, mountains, and volcanoes make for great hikes, or one can simply take long walks and runs on the beach.

Established Yoga Community

The influx of expats has spread yoga all over the country. Most towns have at least one, if not several, studios offering daily classes. In addition to burning calories, building strength, and improving flexibility, yoga facilitates in digestion, detoxification, and stress release, making it a holistic form of exercise.

Organic Cafés, Stores and Farmer’s Markets

Local food in Central America is delicious and a must-try for a cultural experience, but it is certainly not the healthiest cuisine. Unlike many other Central American countries, health food is very accessible in Costa Rica. Most towns have organic vegetarian cafés, shops selling all natural products, and farmer’s markets with organic local produce, cold pressed coconut oil, and raw foods.


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