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Global Asset Protection and Investment Conference
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Be smart. Be prepared. Eliminate the gaps in your financial planning, tax preparations, regulatory compliance, and asset protection. Come to sunny Costa Rica February 1-5, 2014, to attend EscapeArtist’s Global Asset Protection and Investment Conference.

During this fast-paced and information-packed event, our team of world-renowned global asset protection experts will share strategic insights that will help you to save more, shield your assets, and earn more… despite the mounting obstacles and confusion. Our experts will meet with you one-on-one to design a custom solution for protecting your wealth. We’ve also brought together a handful of CEOs and business leaders to share unique investment opportunities that offer offshore advantages and global reach.

The conference is limited to just 40 participants, providing abundant opportunities for one-on-one discussions with legal, tax, financial, and trust experts, and corporate CEOs offering investment opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to spend time speaking with these experts about financial solutions custom-tailored for you.


  • Joel Nagel – Nagel & Associates
  • Domingo Silvas – EscapeArtist, Panama
  • Alejandro Berkowitz – Mar Vista, Costa Rica
  • Trevor Bradley & Dave Drummond – Georgetown Trust, Belize
  • Mike Cobb - ECI Development
  • Don Nisbet – Flamingo Towers, Costa Rica
  • Louis Petrossi – Wealth Research Institute
  • Peter Zipper – Caye Bank, Belize
  • and MORE!


  • The HIRE Act – FATCA Compliance and Privacy
  • Utilizing the banking relationship for the protection of your assets
  • What to look for in an international bank
  • Using Trusts and IBC’s to safeguard your assets and privacy
  • Staying compliant with home country tax rules and regulations
  • Capitalizing on demographics and geo-political realities to create incredible opportunities overseas
  • Understanding the advantages of foreign residency, citizenship, and retirement
  • Moving offshore and how to get it right the first time
  • Gaining tax-free compounding growth with no income or estate tax at distribution
  • Owning foreign assets inside an IRA

Attend this 5-day event for only $899!


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