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Residing or visiting outside your country of citizenship may create challenges for your healthcare program.  Brief trips or extended relocations expose you to risks which may not be covered by your medical insurance.  Many steps need to be taken to protect yourself from accidents and unforeseen illnesses while abroad.  Even seasoned business travelers often overlook the need for international health insurance, assuming that their domestic medical plan will provide coverage.  We offer excellent plans by Insurers that offer 24-hour availability,  pay international claims in U.S. dollars, are rated by AM Best as "A" or better.  Fill out the form below and get a custom & personalized free quotation.

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Each year, millions of people travel outside of their home country beyond the boundaries of their medical insurance. They are unaware that domestic coverage does not follow them...even when it says it does.  Some domestic carriers tout "foreign coverage."  What they don't tell you is that it is on a reimbursement basis and usually only to a certain stated maximum.  What if you need to be evacuated to a hospital that can treat you, or need to be repatriated to your home country?  Guess what . . . your domestic coverage will not cover that.

We are specialists at arranging the right international insurance for people working or traveling overseas.  We help expatriates of any nationality and provide the most appropriate and comprehensive plans to cover your situation.  We generally recommend non-us based policies as they usually have lower premiums.



International health insurance:  you must reside outside your home country for at least 6 months out of the year.  Our major medical plans have worldwide coverage and protection.  Available for individuals or groups (above 3 . . . discount amount depends on size of group). These policies are much cheaper than the u.s. variety.  Backed by a major global insurance company.  Clients have reported no problems whatsoever using this policy around the world.

International travel health insurance has limits starting at 50k to 1m.  Can be bought on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.  Very good policy for those who are out of their home country less than 6 months and thus do not qualify for the major medical plan.

Additional Available Coverage

  • Mortgage term life insurance with return of premium policies are available.
  • Investment equity index-annuities participate in the gains, but not the losses. 
  • IRA rollovers are available.
  • Disability income provides you with an income if you suffer an illness or injury that stops you from working.
  • Critical illness pays you if you acquire a critical illness.
  • Specialty products such as kidnapping and ransom.  Inquire for special needs.

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