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Organic Food Options for Expats in Central Valley, Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Star -  If you go to any supermarket or fería (outdoor farmers market) in Costa Rica you will notice that organic produce is more expensive and not usually as attractive as regular produce. However the benefits of organically grown foods are many.


Organic foods are much healthier and beneficial for the environment. They are grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones and are not genetically modified. Crops are rotated also to protect the quality of the produce and not deplete the fertility of the soil like agrochemicals.

Organic produce is also good for one’s health. By eating this type of food you reduce your exposure to dangerous agrochemicals some of which can cause long-term health problems.

In some parts of the world the demand for organic produce has increased however in Costa Rica the organic produce market is still in its infancy. The main reason for a lack of interest in organic foods is their appearance and high cost. Prices usually are around 30 to 50 percent higher than regular produce. Nevertheless, Fernanda Pía of the Green Center Organic Produce market in Santa Ana has seen an increased interest in organically grown produce.

Here are some organic markets around the Central Valley where expats and other may obtain organic foods:

-Ecomercado located 100 south of the Jazz Café in San Pedro. Tel: 2234-1685

-Feria Orgánica el Trueque in Paso Ancho 200 meters south of the Iglesia Luterana. Tel: 8365-0548

-Feria Verde de Aranjuez in Barrio Escalante. From the Santa Teresita church 300 meters north and 300 meters west. Tel: 2280-5749

-Green Center located in Santa Ana. Tel: 2282-8618

-Mercado Contemporáneo KM O located on Avenida Escazú. Tel: 8706-5979

-La Cosecha Orgánica en su hogar offers home delivery. Call 8822-8512

-Viandas also offers home delivery. Tel: 8849-5357

Here are some restaurants in the San José area that offer organic dishes:

-Búho vegetariano

-Green Center (see their contact info. above)

-Mantras is one-hundred percent vegetarian

-Veggie House (several locations) Tel: 2282-8618 or 2224-6293 or 2280-9949

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