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Trails in National Parks will be Demarcated for the Convenience of Tourists

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)- New fares and schedules in Costa Rica´s National Parks will be set according to the degree of difficulty and the type of services offered in their trails for the convenience of tourists.

The Intermediate level has little infrastructure and surveillance, which is ideal for relaxing walks.


From this Saturday August 24 the National System of Conservation Areas (Sinac) will start a process to classify the trails of national parks in order to help tourists identify which pathway is more suitable for them according to their conditions.

The five categories are: Opportunities (Class 1), Family (Class 2), Intermediate (Class 3), Challenge (Class 4) and Expert (Class 5).

“This initiative will offer ecotouristic innovation in Costa Rica and will make it easier for people around the world to choose the type of trails they want to visit, depending on their interest and the degree of difficulty they want or can go through,” said Energy and Environment Minister.

The criteria for the classification of the trails will be physical, and will include the total distance of the path, topography in terms of steepness, soil building materials, steps, railings, toilets, wáter taps, lighting, climate factors and volcanic gases, among others.

In addition, other travel services will be taken into account, like provision of rain coats, walking sticks, flashlights, tour guides, luggage transport, lodging or camping areas, as well as interpretation and information services.

The degree of difficulty and the type of services offered in each trail will be considered to define new rates and schedules.


1 – Opportunities: Ideal for people with special needs. It has the infrastructure and roads for traveling with walking sticks, wheelchairs, etc.  Continuous surveillance.

2 – Family: More flow of visitors and recreational space. Continuous surveillance.

3 – Intermediate: Little infrastructure and surveillance. Ideal for relaxing walks.

4 – Challenge: Walking with difficulty, this category can include a guide.

5 – Expert: Adventure trails that require special equipment.

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