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US Network “NBC” Pulls the Plug on Costa Rica

Local cable companies on Monday announced that they have to pull the US television channel, NBC, off the air in Costa Rica. The cancellation is effective today, Oct 1.


The order came from the NBC television network, telling Tigo, CableTica, CableVision, Claro TV and Telecable, they must stop broadcasting the NBC signal.

At Tigo (formerly Amnet), ABC was moved down the dial to NBC’s position of channel 22.

Ricardo Cordero, marketing manager at Tigo, said that the situation is common in the industry, as local providers must adhere to contractual terms.

According to Cordero, some of the programs and series on NBC are under contract with other broadcasters in Latin America and the cancellation is not attributable to the cable company operators, rather a decision of the source.

Many of the series on US television networks ABC, CBS and NBC are broadcast in Latin America (and Costa Rica) by Sony, AXN, Warner and Universal, among others. In some cases the programs and series are broadcast in English with subtitles, in others dubbed in Spanish.

In recent months the Latin America networks have been broadcasting US network series one or two weeks after first aired in the US.

Take the case of FX and AXN, who carry the popular programs “Dexter” and “Breaking Bad”. FX, last night it aired the final episode of Dexter, one week after the episode aired in the US. AXN, it will be airing the final episode of Breaking Bad this weekend. The series ended its run last week in the US.

The social media was abuzz yesterday with the notice. Many comments seem it a fatal move as channels like NBC, CBS, ABC, TV5, BBC, DW and RAI, for example, are “direct window to high quality programming from the United States and Europe”

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