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Costa Rica Presidential Candidates Have Second Debate

Costa Rica News - The most popular presidential candidates have already held a debate. These were Johnny Araya, José Miguel Corrales, Otto Guevara, Rodolfo Piza, Luis Guillermo Solís and José María Villalta. The Supreme Elections Tribunal (TSE) is about now holding a second debate, one that includes all of the candidates for the presidency. The election will take place on February 2nd.


You may have seen the first part, last night on Channel 13. The candidates were split into two groups, by the order they will appear on the ballots. The group that faced off last night was Héctor Monestel (Workers Party), José Miguel Corrales (New Homeland Party), Luis Guillermo Solís (Citizens Action Party), Carlos Avendaño (National Restoration Party), Otto Guevara (Libertarian Movement) and Walter Muñoz (National Integration Party)

Tonight we can hear the views of Óscar López (Accessibility without Exclusion Party), José María Villalta (Broad Front Party), José Manuel Echandi (National Progress Party), Johnny Araya (National Liberation Party), Justo Orozco (Costa Rican Renovation), Rodolfo Piza (Social Christian Unity Party) and Sergio Mena (New Generation Party).

Most people will be tuning in tonight, as the top two candidates will be involved. You can follow the debate at While the debate is not open to the public, we can submit questions we would like addressed a or The format for the debate is as follows.

First, candidates will be asked questions that were prepared by professionals and the TSE. Then, they will face the most precise and clear questions that were posted on social media. Lastly, they will ask one another questions, in an order determined by a draw.

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