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Costa Rica´s Rate of Fixed Telephony Will Increase 83%

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - The basic rate of fixed telephony in Costa Rica will increase 83% in the next few weeks, according to the Board of Telecommunications (SUTEL).


Costa Ricans currently pay $ 3.6 for home base rate, which entitles them to 160 minutes of calls per month. With the new prices announced by SUTEL, they will pay approximately $ 6.6 per month, but each operator will define the coverage of this rate.

This increase applies to both fixed home telephony and IP Voice telephony. The cost per minute of calls between fixed lines will go up to 1.5 cents, representing an increase of 81.2%.

Also, Sutel approved a reduction of 33% in the rate of calls between a landline and a cell phone, which will go from 6 to 4 cents per minute.

SUTEL estimates that with these settings, the average consumer in Costa Rica will pay, instead of $ 13.8 per month on phone bills, to $ 17.3, an increase of  25.3%.

The change will come into effect following its publication in the Official Journal “La Gaceta”. ACAN-EFE


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