This Week in Costa Rica

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This Week in Costa Rica is a weekly, online radio program and podcast by US expat, Dan Stevens

TWiCR 011: March 12, 2012

A big thanks to Steven Bonzer and Joseph Cobb for joining Lisle and Corey on This Week in Costa Rica.  For hour #1 Steven talks about his move to Costa Rica with his wife and the experiences that came with that decision.  As an avid golfer, cyclist, and pickle ball player, Steven brought some great insight into the activities one can engage in here in Costa Rica.  For hour #2, This Week in Costa Rica welcomed retired law enforcement officer Joseph Cobb to talk about Costa Rica from the eyes of a security expert.  Joe brought invaluable information about living safely in Costa Rica, and some insights and thoughts on why he’s chosen to return to the U.S.  Harold called in to ask about what he can bring on the plane, and much much more.  Be sure to join us every week, LIVE from 4pm-6pm EST.   Archived editions of this show can be found at  Sign up for free membership and enjoy the secrets of living abroad from those that do it!

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