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This week Corey brings you another stellar lineup of guests to talk all things Costa Rica.  In advance of a short road trip to the United States, Corey starts off today’s program with a brief monologue on traveling to a “first world” country from time to time to recalibrate and perhaps enhance your appreciation of life abroad.  What are some of the things we miss from home?  Where is home anymore for that matter?

Segment two, Corey and Dan Stevens from The Costa Rican Times talk more on ‘visa runs’ and some of the complications expats are encountering at the Panamanian border of Costa Rica.  Many choose to stay in Costa Rica on a 90-day tourist visa, and an effective way to maintain that has always been to exit the country for 72hrs in either Nicaragua or Panama.  However, many foreigners are reporting that process has become increasingly cumbersome, and expensive.  Later, Corey and Dan talk briefly on some of the issues facing long-line fishing in Costa Rica, and its impact on turtle populations over the past decade.

For segment three, Corey is proud to welcome Travel Author & Consultant, Christopher Howard to the program.  Chris’s tours and materials are the first logical choice before you make the move...more years (led by a 33-year resident and citizen of Costa Rica and 47-year veteran of Latin America.)…more on-the-ground experience, personal hands-on attention, insider information and better connections than other retirement/relocation tour or international retirement organization in order to meet retirees, expats and Boomers specific needs. See what it is really like to live and retire in Costa Rica on his highly-informative and time-tested retirement/relocation tours. All tours include a two-day seminar by the country’s most renowned experts in their respective fields. Chris manages the only licensed retirement tours and organization approved by the Costa Rican government. 

Finally, Corey reaches out to Traveling Mother, Emily Shea to talk about raising kids while on the move.  Join Emily as she shares the awesome things she comes across, and the common silliness that comes with being a parent anywhere!


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