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This Week in Costa Rica is a weekly, online radio program and podcast by US expat, Dan Stevens

A Show about Nothing

This week Corey takes a step back from the hard news and interviews to spend time with a couple regular panelists.  First up, Corey talks about some tough email coming in from listeners and addresses questions of immigration status and online workers’ legal standing in Costa Rica.  This is all leading up to a big show coming mid-November where This Week in Costa Rica is going to face the issue head on and try to come up with some definitive answers.

Dan Stevens from The Costa Rican times joins Corey to talk about the upcoming coffee picking contest and ox cart displays in the Central Valley.  Following that, Dan tells a few tales of dating woes as an American in Costa Rica.  This opens a wide, and frank dialogue about the subject of dating Ticas.

Picking up where Dan and Corey left off, Andrew Woodbury of Global TESOL College jumps into studio to put in his two cents on dating Latin women in Costa Rica.

Last off, Corey and Andrew unapologetically plug the TESOL school, touting its successful launch, 100% job placement rate, and stellar accommodation.   With everything handled from airport shuttle, to homestays, to the program itself, this accredited TESOL certification school is quickly positioning itself to be a premiere choice for those looking to teaching English in Costa Rica or abroad.

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