This Week in Costa Rica

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This Week in Costa Rica is a weekly, online radio program and podcast by US expat, Dan Stevens

Laura Chinchilla’s Social Nightmare | Pitfalls and Perils of Doing Business in Costa Rica | Rainy Season Deals | 4th of July Celebrations | Pave the Road with Kelly Mason

This week Corey addresses the President of Costa Rica threatening defamation law suits against those who speak ill of her in social media outlets.

Later, Dan Stevens from the Costa Rica Times opens dialogue on the difficulties of doing business in Costa Rica and the value of holding a corporation, or S.A. (Sociedad Anónima).  Also, Dan mentions some great, family-friendly 4th of July activities including the American Colony Committee’s annual picnic.

Finally, Corey welcomes back to the program Kelly Mason to speak more about her project and film, Pave the Road.  There are more than 500 children that are drowning in toxic bacterial dust from unpaved roads beside their schools. The solution: Pave the Roads.  Information about how you can help is available at


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