This Week in Costa Rica

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This Week in Costa Rica is a weekly, online radio program and podcast by US expat, Dan Stevens

Teaching English in Costa Rica

This week Corey responds to the countless emails and calls he receives in the studio about teaching English in Costa Rica.  His first guest is Andrew Woodbury, the Director of the Global TESOL College in Jacó beach, Costa Rica.  Global TESOL College provides month-long, accredited training programs in TESOL/TEFL, certifying teachers to teach English abroad.


Corey’s second guest is Dan Stevens from the Costa Rican Times who speaks about the “accidental gay marriage” bill passing.  Continuing the topic of ESL, Dan speaks with Corey about his experiences teaching English for his first 8 months in Costa Rica.

Up next is Alyssa Voegeli.  Alyssa is a Wisconsin native who made the move to Costa Rica and received her TEFL certification in San Pedro, Costa Rica.  Alyssa speaks about her many great experiences of teaching and living in Costa Rica as a professional English teacher.

Finally, Corey welcomes Matthew Giles.  Matthew started his global teaching career as many do – in Costa Rica.  After teaching both adults and children in Costa Rica, Matthew moved on to teach in the Philippines and throughout Asia.

Finally, let’s not forget Kelly Mason’s Pave The Road project is launching its fundraising today!  Info can be found at


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