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Carbon Credits and Community Service | Happy Hubs in Manuel Antonio | Renewing Tourist Visas for Teachers

This week, Corey welcomes another great panel of guests!  Dan Stevens from the Costa Rican times talks with Corey about the recent Independence Day celebrations in Costa Rica, the carbon credit program, and community service opportunities.

Next up, Corey is delighted to speak with the CEO of Happy Hubs, James Stinson.  Happy Hubs was created for the entrepreneur and freelancer who has the ability to work remotely or take significant time away from the “office”.  Typically, our entrepreneurs have launched their business(es) and possess a proven track record of business acumen and leadership.  If you resonate with the mantra of “Work smart, play hard.” you’ll love living at one of our Seeds.

Last, but certainly not least, Andrew Woodbury from Global TESOL College takes Corey’s call to talk about his latest articles on ESL teachers in Costa Rica making “visa runs” to renew their 90-day tourist visas.  Is it legal?  Where do they go?  Tune in to hear his take, and so much more!

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