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Escazú Nightlife | Driving in Costa Rica | Legal Residency Options | The Costa Rica Star


First up, Lisle Head from Daystar Properties comes into studio to talk with Corey about the new Sheraton Hotel located in the trendy, upscale suburb of Escazú, Costa Rica. It’s close to the attractions and conveniences of the metropolitan area including the swanky 8ctavo Rooftop, Avenida Escazú, Internations  and much more. 

Dan Stevens from the Costa Rican Times chimes in to discuss Corey’s 3rd trip on the Calypso Cruise to Tortuga Island, driving in Costa Rica, and controlling the dengue outbreak throughout the region during the rainy season.

Dawn Drummer, Client Services Manager for Outlier Legal Services takes Corey’s call to give an overview of the very popular topic of immigration options for foreigners looking to live and work in Costa Rica.  Dawn covers some of the residencies available and some not-so-well-known processes to apply for a variety of legal residency statuses. 

Last but certainly not least, Corey is able to get an interview with Adrian Vargas, founder and editor for the highly popular news site, The Costa Rica Star.  Adrian answers some of Corey’s questions about running an online news site, hiring and working with content contributors, and some of the pitfalls that come with being and entrepreneur operating a startup business in Costa Rica.

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