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Journalism vs. Blogging in Costa Rica


This week, Corey expounds his opinions on the world of bloggers vs. journalists in Costa Rica.  With an ever-changing media landscape, and efforts to be first in 24hr news cycles, often misinformation wins the day, misleading readers.  Further to this, with defamation and libel suits always looming on the horizon, a broader discourse and dialogue is perhaps warranted.

Isabella Cota Schwarz is Corey’s special guest in studio today.  As a former Central American stringer for Thompson Reuters, regular columnist for the Tico Times, and current journalist for Bloomberg, Isabella brings a clear perspective on journalistic responsibility, the editing process behind some of the most reliable news organizations, and how bloggers and self-proclaimed news sites are shifting the landscape.  Isabella also adds her take on the upcoming presidential elections having been reporting on, and interviewing many of the candidates.

Dan Stevens from the Costa Rican Times speaks with Corey also on topics such as; fines being imposed for dengue fever offenders, Costa Rican libel laws, and the new super card being issued. 


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