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Health Insurance in Costa Rica


This week, Corey brings you some information about private health insurance in Costa Rica and abroad.  Though the CAJA (Costarricense de Seguro Social) is a great, and often required, first step in having health care in Costa Rica, a second tier is strongly recommended. Private health companies provide more affordable access to private hospitals in the country such as CIMA and Clinica Biblica.  In addition, many of the health plans available offer worldwide coverage to insure you while you travel abroad.

Corey calls insurance agent Robert Clark, a 38-year veteran in the industry, to discuss options and plans for expats, travelers, and groups alike.  Robert can be reached at +506 8392-7520, or via his website,  If you are interested in plans you can simply visit our health insurance page and fill out the contact form via This Week in Costa Rica.

Corey makes his weekly call to Dan Stevens from the Costa Rican Times to talk about the new Orotina International Airport being slated for 2025, traffic in San Jose, and some sports news throughout the region.

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