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In our first edition of This Week in Costa Rica for 2014, Corey opens with some remarks and observations from his recent trip to Canada and the United States.  With an ever-growing gap between the lifestyles of a North American and an expat living in Latin America, many find going ‘home’ and relating to the rat race increasingly difficult.  On that, Corey weighs in with some thoughts.

After a near month-long hiatus, Corey rings up long-time panelist Dan Stevens of The Costa Rican Times.  With some catchup on on goings in Costa Rica, commentary on the deep freeze crippling the U.S. and Canada, and more, these two easily fall back into rhythm.

Topics from news in Costa Rica this week included;  murder of an expat in Brasalito, I.C.E.’s new wind farm contract, an American missionary gored at the Zapote bullfights, the new hail a taxi app, and the bridge nearing completion between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  For more details on these stories, visit The Costa Rican Times.

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