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Yeison Kim and Samantha Wei of

Yeison Kim and Samantha Wei of

This week, Corey opens with some loose commentary about CCSS increases, and the local Internet community reactions.  Social services fees have risen for expats in Costa Rica, and Corey addresses his findings.  Also, there is some confusion as to the gap many in residency process find themselves regarding holding a Costa Rica driver’s license.  Corey directs listeners to recent blog postings on both matters by Rafael Valverde of Outlier Legal Services.

Next up, Dan Stevens of the Costa Rican Times weighs in on the CAJA rates, a new green report from Yale University, and the increased crime rates in Costa Rica.

Corey’s special in-studio guests this week are Yeison Kim and Samantha Wei from travel blog  This couple have been traveling and documenting their experiences in Costa Rica with a lighthearted, honest approach that many readers are finding refreshing.  Yeison and Sam share their thoughts on the business and have an open dialogue about what it takes to make it as a travel writer in this crowded space.

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