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Anti Aging and Wellness

This week Corey starts off with a preamble on some of the growing frustrations that expats can feel in Costa Rica after nearly 8 years.   Though likely a phase, often times foreign residents can feel the 7-year itch and long for broader horizons.  Is this Corey’s last year in Pura Vida?

Dan Stevens from The Costa Rican Times joins the program to speak about the Olympic hockey finals, the recent Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and a private school in Belen offering scholarships to students in exchange for community service.

The second half of today’s program, Corey welcomes James Richie of the Anti Aging and Wellness Center in Costa Rica.  The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic is your number 1 choice for anti-aging and medical tourism in beautiful Costa Rica. They cater to high net worth tourist from all over the world, with a large percentage of our patients coming from North America. If you are coming from Los Angeles California, Chicago Illinois, New York City NYC, or are traveling within Costa Rica, contact them and set up an appointment. They have the best procedures to keep you fit, young and full of vitality.

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