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This Week in Costa Rica is a weekly, online radio program and podcast by US expat, Dan Stevens

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On


This week Corey starts off with addressing some listener emails and feedback on lead collection and advertising on the radio program and podcast.  Additionally, Corey speaks briefly about entering the Apple ecosystem with a new iPhone and Apple TV, and what options are available to “cord cutters” in Costa Rica.

Dan Stevens of the Costa Rican Times joins the broadcast in a recorded segment this week ahead of the elections to discuss potential presidential winners, the recent earthquake in Quepos, and sharp changes in the U.S. dollar value against the Costa Rica Colon.

Carrying on the discussion of the dollar rally is Timothy Williams, editor in chief of Inside Costa Rica.  Timothy weighs in with his thoughts on the dollar’s effect on the economy, as well as a light-hearted chat about the Villalta campaign agenda involving sex change operations paid for by the social security system of Costa Rica.

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