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Spanish Courses and Volunteering in Costa Rica

Amistad Institute, Costa Rica

Amistad Institute, Costa Rica

On this week’s edition of This Week in Costa Rica, Corey addresses some listener feedback and brings the live audience a brief explanation of what a podcast is and how they can enjoy this show every week if they can’t tune in live.

Dan Stevens of the Costa Rican times speaks with Corey about some recent woes having his vehicle and identification stolen, and some smart tips on how to cope with these unfortunate situations.  Additionally, Dan shares a great story from the Panamanian border. The La Esperanza Public School has 15 students and an interesting set of instructors. Since there has been a delay in finding a teacher who is willing to accept the transfer to this poor and remote area, the border police have stepped up to help.

For the second half of the program, Corey welcomes Marco Bolaños from the Amistad Institute into studio.  Marco shares some information about the Spanish school and volunteer programs available both in Heredia and Jacó beach.  In addition, Marco presents the first of a series of Spanish lessons here on the radio program.  Lesson notes and more can be found on the website at

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