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This Week in Costa Rica is a weekly, online radio program and podcast by US expat, Dan Stevens

Becoming and Expat with Author Shannon Enete

On today’s program, Corey welcomes author and publisher Shannon Enete into studio.  Shannon is an international resident from San Diego, currently residing in Costa Rica. Her first career of 10 years was spent serving San Diego & Kansas City as a paramedic. Shannon had visited 27 countries by the age of 30, before a back injury shifted her path. She quickly chose Costa Rica as her first international destination. In addition to writing, Shannon owns Enete Enterprises, LLC a video and print publication company that specializes in travel guidebooks and the creation of marketing videos for tourism, hospitality, and real estate sectors. To learn more about Costa Rica, and how to become an expat in a variety of countries visit

David Karr of Visit Jaco Costa Rica kicks off the program with Corey to talk about Semana Santa in Costa Rica, happenings around the Central Pacific, and a little inside track into what you need to know about Jaco Beach and the surrounding area as a visitor and a resident.

Dan Stevens of The Costa Rican Times calls in from Escazú to speak on the job cuts at Intel and Bank of America, the new border crossing fee for travelers exiting Costa Rica to Nicaragua, and the outcome of the court ruling on shark finning in Costa Rica.

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