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You are dedicated to reach your dreams, to go beyond your comfort zone.

You are dedicated to reach your dreams, to go beyond your comfort zone.

This week Corey calls Rafael Valverde of Outlier Legal Services to get definitive answers to the driving regulations for residents, foreign visitors, and perpetual tourists.  Mr. Valverde speaks on validation of your status during the residency process, how to validate your foreign driver’s license, and how to make application for a license under the sole provision of being over the age of 18.

Mr. Valverde also speaks about the issues of opening and using bank accounts in Costa Rica as a foreign resident.  In many situations, banks will not open accounts or allow transactions on a passport alone.  Further to this, many bank’s online systems will not allow for interbank transfers without a DIMEX number.  Mr. Valverde addresses that this may be deny basic rights to foreigners and how to start taking the steps to change this.

Dan Stevens of the Costa Rican times joins Corey to look at the new Nicaragua border crossing, a potential TB outbreak, and the annual beer festival in Costa Rica.

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