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This week I respond in part to a popular email about cost of living in Costa Rica. Many to move to Latin America in hopes of big savings and lower expenses. However, any expat will attest that this is entirely dependent on lifestyle choices and what you are willing to give up from back home. Should you be willing to adapt to the way of life in your new country, then it is entirely feasible to live for much less than in the U.S. or Canada.  That said, most find quickly that they may be giving up much more than they hoped.

Next up, I rang up Dan Stevens of the Costa Rican Times currently vacationing in beautiful Tamarindo.  We talk about the new jade museum, changes to tax laws, and how statistically Costa Rica consumes more alcohol per capita than other Central American nations.  Further talk about cost of living with Dan enforces the earlier point of making lifestyle choices being the key element of budgeting and succeeding abroad.

For segment three I was pleased to meet Costa Rica Traveler Magazine co-founder, Andres Madrigal.  Andrés Madrigal is a Costa Rican photographer and graphic designer. Over the years he has focused most of his work on the tourism sector, which he finds most rewarding. He is a native Spanish speaker and fluent in English. He lives in the mountains of San Jeronimo de Moravia with his wife, daughter and 3 cats. His beautiful work and much more can be found at their Facebook Page and Instagram account. This is a must-follow magazine for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica!

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