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Relocation Rally | Learned By Me | Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic

Tune in this week to get a sneak peak at the Relocation Rally coming to Costa Rica!  This incredible experience brings a fresh approach to learning how to relocate to a new country with a full-day rally race through San Jose!  For more information, sign up early to be considered for entry into this amazing opportunity.

Dan Stevens from The Costa Rican Times chimes in with his take in the real life Terminal, new dog fighting laws, and the unfortunate death in the Tarcoles river.

Corey shows you a way to get a FREE Spanish class by innovative online teaching institute Learned By Me.  Michael Frank explains the founding of this company and its premise of brining online classes to those needing to learn a new language in a comprehensive and convenient way.

James Richie from the Anit Aging and Wellness Clinic of Costa Rica.  The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic is your number 1 choice for anti-aging and medical tourism in beautiful Costa Rica. We cater to high net worth tourist from all over the world, with a large percentage of our patients coming from North America. If you are coming from Los Angeles California, Chicago Illinois, New York City NYC, or are traveling within Costa Rica, contact us and set up an appointment. We have the best procedures to keep you fit, young and full of vitality.

Dr. Mesen, Chief Medical Officer of the Clinic is by far the most experienced physician in the region for providing bio-identical hormone replacement treatment. He is a member of The American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and is trusted. He has helped so many people get their lives back on track with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy he consistently receives written praise from his patients. Many even willing to get in front of the video camera and express their gratitude.

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