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Medical Tourism and Insurance in Costa Rica - Part 1

This week I start delving into the options for folks to have medical and dental procedures performed in Costa Rica. Medical tourism is a growing industry, and with so many affordable options in Costa Rica, it’s little wonder why so many Americans are making it their first option.

Robert Clarke joins me to talk about having good health insurance while having your procedures done, and the variety of options available not only to you, but to your travel companion as well.

Next up is a great conversation with Tim and Viki from Costa Rican Medical Care. Costa Rican Medical Care began in spring of 2008. With health care costs sharply increasing in the U.S., the principals used their experience with Health Savings Accounts to look for lower-cost alternatives through medical tourism and discovered Costa Rica as a premier destination, close to the U.S. and Canada and offering quality care.  

Part 2 of our Medical Tourism programming with be next week!

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